Celebrate Halloween Horror Movies & See Salem’s Witch Films


Meet with the original Michael Myers at Nightmare Gallery.

Salem’s mad about Halloween, and you can celebrate the season with scary movies and witch trial films.  Near Jefferson at Salem Station, see a family flick on the Salem Common, meet with Michael Myers, see the re-creation of the Salem witch trials, and see a movie with the latest evidence and research on the town’s haunted history.

  • This Saturday, see the final flick in the Haunted Movie Series on Salem Common with Radio 92.9, “Beetlejuice.”  This Tim Burton dark comedy starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Wynona Ryder, and Michael Keaton is sure to delight your whole family.
  • At Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, you can not only see the museum’s wax characters but also meet with the stars behind the most iconic Halloween movies.  This final Halloween weekend, meet the man behind the original Michael Myers mask, Actor Tony Moran, and get his autograph on your own “Halloween” movie souvenirs.
  • If you haven’t already seen it, watch Salem’s witch trial history take place in the film, “The True 1692,” playing at Cinema Salem.  This 35-minute historic screening will set the stage for your own tours of Salem’s haunted places.  While you’re there, you can also hop into “Paranormal Activity 3” to get spooked.
  • On November 3, see a new film about the witch trials, “Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence,” featuring new evidence and research from Salem witch trial scholars.  You can also see it daily at the visitor center on New Liberty Street.

Image courtesy of Flickr.

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